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Library 2.0 lens at Squidoo May 11, 2006

Posted by jennimi in Blogging, library 2.0, User-defined subject terms, Web 2.0.

Steve Wilson has created a Squidoo lens on Library 2.0 in Three Easy Steps, here. The whole concept at Squidoo is folks create a lens on something they know alot about. A little like a pathfinder perhaps? … but with bloggish new web interface that in the Library 2.0 case includes an IM exercise. Cool, and so two point oh, dude. Lots of excellent resources here. I am already subscribed to most of the blogs mentioned, but I have been giving the Green Kangaroo a chance, too. Mary Ghikas, Senior Associate Executive Director at the American Library Association, has started blogging and promises 2.0 as part of the mix. Looking forward.

A colleague and I were emailing today about 2.0 and I wrote that it was a buzzword, that we’ve always been doing this. Communicate, search, research, share, interact. But the more I think about it… step 1, “listen to the customer”, IS something we can all work on. Great lens… check it out.

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