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101 most asked interview questions July 17, 2006

Posted by jennimi in Library School.

The other day someone (in a hiring position) told me how much he appreciated my post on entry level interview attire and said he wished more students would read that post. Wow!!! Someone was more interested in my practical posts than in the School of Informatics dissolution discussion! Shucks. While it’s true that SOI issues are close to my heart there is certainly more to me and this blog than that. The numbers (hits) show that people are most interested in SOI, but as we all know from Collection Development circ stats are only one part of the bigger picture. This is true for blogs, too.

So, 101 interview questions. Anyone who has taken Management at UB’s DLIS knows the site I am referring to here but it is worth re-posting for students who haven’t taken it yet or, frankly, anyone out there in LibraryLand looking for a little job prep help. We can’t all be UT Austin can we? (Ah but I dared dream of developing SOI-specific career services before the Big Breakup…)

We’ve all been there. Spent so much time trying to find a suit and take the virtual tour of a campus, forgot to have all the main questions prepared. Then add the nervousness and trying to make eye contact with everyone in the room… I can say from personal experience that there is no way to predict every question that will be asked, but running through this list, thinking out and even writing down your answers will have you more prepared to deal with the more spontaneous stuff. And let’s face it, reference librarians never know which question will be new and which one will be something for which they’ve prepared. Interviewers will want to see both: how prepared we can be AND how we think on our feet.

My best best best wishes and good thoughts to people out there who, like me, seek a place that will draw from their strengths and support the development of new ones. Librarians…. rawk. Heartfelt thanks to Ann E. Robinson for compiling such a comprehensive list (http://www.geocities.com/aer_mcr/libjob/interview.html) and putting it online to share with everyone.

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