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About Library Matters

Update, February 6, 2007: I have decided that maintaining multiple blogs, for example one with a professional slant and one my “personal” blog, is counterproductive. Afterall, I am a librarian when I wake up, a librarian all day, and a librarian when I go to sleep. I am also a sister, friend, coworker, and many other things, but all of them mesh to create me: jennimi. From now on I will be posting from my home page at jennimi.com. As I believe there is a lot of great info here, well I hope there is at least, most especially archiving the first 6 months of discussion around the University at Buffalo’s decision to dissolve its School of Informatics, I will be leaving this site, and most of its content, intact. But please do visit my home page for current discussions.

Welcome! Library Matters is authored by Jennifer E. Graham, MLS. It was originally created as a medium for submitting assignments for my Management course at the University at Buffalo’s Department of Library and Information Studies, as well as learning to use WordPress and sharing my ideas and findings. Now I use it to document information science related information I find interesting or useful, including my personal professional updates.

A strong believer in the potential (that’s potential) of the Internet for bringing us closer, I do not post or comment anonymously. I believe librarians should blog or have some kind of web presence, but respect individuals’ choices pro or con. I like communication and relationship building. I can be contacted at jenniferegraham (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you for stopping by.

The banner image is of my one of my brother’s many shelves. We were raised in a home of ideas, discourse, and books. Even if there wasn’t all that much money to go around, those seemed filling enough usually.

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