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One blog is enough… for jennimi February 12, 2007

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I have decided that maintaining multiple blogs, for example one with a professional slant and one as my “personal” blog, is counterproductive. Afterall, I am a librarian when I wake up, a librarian all day, and a librarian when I go to sleep. I am also a sister, friend, coworker, and many other things, but all of them mesh to create me: jennimi, Jennifer E. Graham. From now on I will be posting solely from my web site at jennimi.com. As I believe there is a lot of great info here, most especially archiving the first 6 months of discussion around the University at Buffalo’s decision to dissolve its School of Informatics, I will be leaving this site, and most of its content, intact. But please do visit my home page for current discussions. As always thank you for visiting.

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Paws in the Park: University at Buffalo Libraries Team! August 2, 2006

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Paws in the Park, an annual SPCA fundraiser, is set for September 30th at Beaver Island State Park. UB Libraries will once again be coming out to support this important community event. Will you consider joining us, or pledging on behalf of one of our team members?

Josie, Aman and I will be walking virtually and would be honored by any pledge, no matter how big or small, to support the care of our friends at the SPCA. You can visit our page here to make a pledge, or join Team UB Libraries or pledge to other UB Libraries team members here. Thank you for your support and don’t forget to check out team members’ personal pages!

Community matters.
(image courtesy of UB Libraries Team page)

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School of Informatics Dissolution June 22, 2006

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By now folks are talking and blogging about the dismantling of the University at Buffalo’s School of Informatics. LIS will be going to Graduate School of Education, and COM will go to College of Arts and Sciences. The brand new MA and BA in Informatics? You can read more here at the Buffalo News. Though I have had one-on-one discussions about this sad news I have purposely avoided blogging about it or reading other blogs addressing it other than Ben Hockenberry’s post urging some action on the part of students. As a former employee and student of the School, I have two years of close observation upon which to reflect. I have many feelings, but I honestly don’t have enough information to provide much insight into the situation. Judging by the article in the News, I am not the only one left in the dark.

In late 2003, when I was investigating a career in librarianship, I sat down with a trusted friend who said, “… you should look at UB… they’re doing something different up there”. I wanted to learn how to use technology to do what I did best: empower people (clients, coworkers, family, students, friends, strangers) by helping them not only find information but learn HOW to find information. I wasn’t looking for a computer science degree, or an education degree, I wanted to be a librarian of the future. I did some research, began to reach out to SOI alums, students, faculty and staff, and made my decision. The reason I came to UB in the first place was that its library science program was cutting edge. The venn diagram I have posted above, taken from the SOI web site, explains in simple terms what the School is was all about.

Had I found the degree in GSE I am not sure I would have come. Now, that’s just me talking. And dare I assume, faculty (and new faculty, there are many) would say the same? SLMS (School Library Media Specialist) students perhaps fit in with this restructuring due to the education focus, but not the rest: corporate, academic, law, music, public… Not if you look at the field today. Not if you look at job postings (which, I looked at OFTEN as part of my job, and now as part of my life).

Anyone who would come in and move our LIS faculty, staff, and students over to an Education program, hasn’t truly looked at what the field is doing practically or philosophically or otherwise. This is not a knock against Ed-u-ca-tion, ed-u-cators are my favorite folk (Dan Bern reference for my music people out there)… it’s just an observation based purely on my personal and professional experience and goals. Hockenberry is right to ask what other students are saying, feeling, asking. Perhaps I have this all wrong, but without an adequate explanation by Provost Tripathi on why this decision was made, and made so suddenly without a conversation with the School’s most valuable assets: its students, as well as a discussion of HOW LIS specifically fits into the mission and values of GSE, I am left to my own devices to form my opinions.

It remains to be seen what will happen. For my part I am proud that I earned an ALA accredited MLS from the University at Buffalo’s School of Informatics. There is talk on the liblogosphere about students and recent grads finding passion for our work. There is was passion at the SOI… everywhere you looked. In lab, in class, on the discussion boards, in Dean’s open door luncheons, in restaurants where LIS students met and talked… but you needed to look, and listen. Library Science students (and faculty?) are busy and at times quiet. Their passion is not always found in their voices but in the work they create. (Perhaps, in the blogs they write, or should write, to get the word out about what they we do?).


Update: Dr. Alex Halavais, former Informatics professor and blogging guru, offers some insight here. Complete with (at times extremely heated) discussion thread.

Update: A SOI student has started a discussion board to explore the matter: http://informatics.wnyhost.com/phpBB2/index.php

Update June 26: Gone is the SOI student discussion board. I received an email this morning from the moderator stating she was taking the board down due to conflict of interest. Apparently she works for Development and Alumni Relations, a division of SOI’s Division of External Affairs. Fair enough, but your humble blogger fails to see how students discussing what’s hapenning to their school is a conflict of interest with the school! At any rate it’s her call. Perhaps someone more neutral could step in and moderate. It was a good idea, though not sure how well it was working.

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Library Stuff still Collecting Librar* Blogs… June 20, 2006

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Steven is still trying to gather up all those library blogs out there, old and new. Three of my colleagues from the LIS program started them just recently! Get those URLs to Steven! Glad to see folks catching on! La-La Librarian looks at fostering creativity in libraries… a research interest of your humble author, and colleague Shannon Kealey.

And your humble blog, Library Matters, was included in this week’s list. And yes, it DID lead to more traffic. Thank you Library Stuff for including this effort by a recent LIS grad to inform her community on the importance of blogging in librarianship… . 🙂

The Firebrary has moved June 16, 2006

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firebrary header

Please excuse cross posting:

The Firebrary has moved to its new permanent home at: http://bfhsmuseum.bfn.org/index.html. The Buffalo Fire Historical Society is now in charge of its digital library.

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