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One blog is enough… for jennimi February 12, 2007

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I have decided that maintaining multiple blogs, for example one with a professional slant and one as my “personal” blog, is counterproductive. Afterall, I am a librarian when I wake up, a librarian all day, and a librarian when I go to sleep. I am also a sister, friend, coworker, and many other things, but all of them mesh to create me: jennimi, Jennifer E. Graham. From now on I will be posting solely from my web site at jennimi.com. As I believe there is a lot of great info here, most especially archiving the first 6 months of discussion around the University at Buffalo’s decision to dissolve its School of Informatics, I will be leaving this site, and most of its content, intact. But please do visit my home page for current discussions. As always thank you for visiting.

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Protected: Best Practices September 12, 2006

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Library Stuff still Collecting Librar* Blogs… June 20, 2006

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Steven is still trying to gather up all those library blogs out there, old and new. Three of my colleagues from the LIS program started them just recently! Get those URLs to Steven! Glad to see folks catching on! La-La Librarian looks at fostering creativity in libraries… a research interest of your humble author, and colleague Shannon Kealey.

And your humble blog, Library Matters, was included in this week’s list. And yes, it DID lead to more traffic. Thank you Library Stuff for including this effort by a recent LIS grad to inform her community on the importance of blogging in librarianship… . 🙂

Library Stuff Collecting Librar* Blogs… June 15, 2006

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Are you a librar* blogger? (Love the truncation!) Steven Cohen at Library Stuff is collecting urls. Also collecting flickr! accounts. You can email your info to stevenmcohen [at] gmail.com. Do it! (And congrats on the new j – o – b Steven! Way to go!)

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Commencement and Big Brother May 15, 2006

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A few words about Commencement weekend and my last year over at jennimi.

Excellent summary of DOPA Bill issues/posts over at Washtublibrarian. Eek. I have so many thoughts on this… but I think these folks sum them up well. And allow ME also to repost these words from Chris Harris:

Filter a website, and you protect a student for a day. Educate students about online safety in a real world environment, and you protect your child for a lifetime.