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University at Buffalo DLIS Alumni Listserv December 1, 2006

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I am posting this message from DLIS alum Brenda Battleson with permission. I know there are a few new grads out there who have been wondering what they can do to be informed about and participate in discussions regarding the ALA accreditation, dissolution of the SOI and many other topics. This list can be a starting point for staying informed and participating in the process, so I urge you to subscribe. Brenda’s message, including instructions:

As many of the UB MLS program alumni are aware, the Department of Library Studies is developing a mechanism for gathering more input from alumni via an advisory council. There are many of us who would like to keep informed of happenings in the program and share our opinions with the department and the advisory group. We all have experiences in our positions as librarians, information specialists, systems people, and managers that would be very helpful to the program as they continually evolve to educate the librarians that we may be in a position to hire one day.

There is a listserv already established for the alumni although it has been dormant for some time. It is a perfect medium for contributing to the program’s future, especially as they prepare for their ALA review regarding the conditional accreditation. I encourage all who care about the program and about the education of 21st century librarians to subscribe to this list.

Go to http://listserv.buffalo.edu/user/sub.shtml
Enter LIS-LIST in the box and click “continue”

You will be asked for your name and email address as well as how you would like to receive the postings. Most people just leave the default buttons marked as is.

Click “Join LIS-LIST” and follow the instructions from there.

Keeping the DLIS informed of the needs of today’s librarians is our responsibility to the profession. More easily opening the lines of communication is the best first step.

Please forward this message on to any other lists that may have UB SILS/DLIS alumni as members. The more diverse perspectives we can offer, the more robust our input and contributions will be.

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Library Student Journal debuts stellar first issue October 4, 2006

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Happy to announce a wonderful first issue of the peer-reviewed online journal Library Student Journal, initiated and run by our colleagues over at the University at Buffalo’s School of Informatics. The hard work has paid off and the issue is replete with librar* goodness of the “free and open” kind.

Kudos to this international community of writers and editors for their wide range of topics (from the effects of CIPA on gay and lesbian youths, to a serious discussion of babies as libraries’ youngest patrons) and professional authorship, and a LOUD BRAVO to Benjamin Hockenberry for a beautiful site – aesthetic and user friendly, very navigable. I also like the accompanying community forum (http://pub5.bravenet.com/forum/350917981) which further brings together readers and writers for discussion.

Scholarly publishing MUST change to respond to changes in the field and to keep up with emerging technologies. This kind of publication is a leap forward. Read more about open access in Guinnee’s editorial here (http://informatics.buffalo.edu/org/lsj/articles/guinnee_2006_9_open.html). A wonderful example of the cutting edge work coming out of the School of Informatics. I’ll close with the editor’s own words,

We hope to be, in our own little way, an example of the future of scholarly publishing: open and free. I hope many future LIS professionals will take advantage of this opportunity to be published without fee in an Open Access peer-reviewed journal. And I hope you will take away a new vision of what scholarly publishing will be and what your role in it can be.

Oh, RSS feed to articles here. (http://informatics.buffalo.edu/org/lsj/lsjRSS.php). I use Bloglines as my aggregator.

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Article posted in UB’s student run “Generation” September 28, 2006

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Interesting article about the School of Informatics dissolution in the current issue of “Generation” here. Nice to see students discussing what happened, though I think the report could go deeper. Most blog readers and writers have already read the quotations and threads mentioned months ago. News of folks being interviewed by the Spectrum, stay tuned. Should be revealing. At least if the article gets published that the participants seem to want to publish….

In the meantime, a few of us are trying to re-invigorate a stale and practically non-existent alumni association. Many have already told me they’d be interested in joining. Again, stay tuned. This was one very valid point from the ALA Accreditation report: lack of alumni involvement. We’re not setting out to alienate or blame, but instead offer our insights and services to help. We’ll be working directly with the department to discuss how. Very much looking forward to this.

NYLA Dewey Scholarship August 31, 2006

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Excellent opportunity for library science students! Good luck and pass this along to any interested parties.

“MLS students who are NYLA members interested in applying for the NYLA Dewey Scholarship ($1,500) should visit our website and download application at http://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=1133. Application and references need to be submitted to the Dean or Director of your Library/Information Science School/Department by September 29th. Each school can nominate one eligible student to receive the scholarship. The Deans/Directors have until October 20th to recommend recipient to NYLA Council for approval at their November meeting at the Annual Conference and Trade Show in Saratoga Springs Nov. 1-4th. Recipients will be notified by first week of December.”

More discussion of School of Informatics dissolution…. August 9, 2006

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…at Library Student Journal Blog, here, and at Washtublibrarian, here, where notes from the first meeting with the Provost and students were posted. Excellent analysis by commenter LadyoftheLake.