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In the interest of fairness… July 7, 2006

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Provost Tripathi of the University at Buffalo has now communicated directly to the LIS students via the student listserv. Rather than re-posting the entire statement I will post a link to the LISNews entry by Blake, here. A relevant excerpt:

“…universities initiate change for countless administrative and academic reasons. And, throughout UB’s history such has occurred — as I suspect our faculty and alumni can attest. The administrative change we are witnessing today in the School of Informatics has been designed with one objective in mind: To ensure our academic departments and educational programs are supported – through maximizing the use of our resources in direct support of our academic mission – so our students, faculty, and academic degree programs can flourish.(my emphasis)

Also discusses the very real and valuable efforts of interdisciplinary approaches. Personal commentary: School of Informatics IS interdisciplinary, encompassing Communication, Library and Information Science, and Informatics. The LIS program actively collaborates with the Law School, Libraries, Music, and Health Sciences disciplines.

I am pleased Provost Tripathi has addressed the students. It’s a step in the right direction. But my colleague said correctly at a recent podcast: “There are still decisions to be made”. Thankfully the Provost and Interim Dean will be meeting with students to discuss next steps.

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The Firebrary has moved June 16, 2006

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firebrary header

Please excuse cross posting:

The Firebrary has moved to its new permanent home at: http://bfhsmuseum.bfn.org/index.html. The Buffalo Fire Historical Society is now in charge of its digital library.

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Google Librarian Center… April 19, 2006

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Hmm. Thanks to Blake at LISNews, as well as an extreme addiction to RSS, via Bloglines (an addiction I am determined to rope all of my librarian friends into!), I found out Google has a group/newsletter for librarians. Per Google (from the Librarian Center home page):

“Librarians and Google share a similar mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. We support librarians who work each day to further that mission. This site is a first step toward improving and expanding that support.”

Big words. Slight difference: librarians, in championing information access, don’t include advertisements, or rank their searches by number of hits or by sponsorship (at least in my utopia), but this is a post about a cute little service (which as far as I can tell doesn’t include the famous Google sponsored links…) and not a treatise about my views on information access…

The most recent newsletter is inspired by Earth Day, and offers some great teaching resources. Archives entries read like a list of Google services and sales pitches to googlecynicabrarians, but maybe I am just cynical. You can decide for yourself.

One thing though, why no RSS? I had to sign up with my email address. (Even though I am not yet impressed, I want to see how they do, after all, we are all in process, right?) I emailed the Library Center this morning requesting RSS, so we’ll see. You see, I prefer to visit sites myself, rather than have newsletters pile up in my inbox.

LISNews.org – 10 Blogs to Read in 2006 February 24, 2006

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I liked this post over at LISNews.org about which blogs we librarians should be reading in 2006. I have added many of them to my “Library Blogs” links over on the left of my own fledgling library blog.

Also, for those of us who read tons of blogs every day, Bloglines is an excellent way to save time. Subscribe to your favorites (provided the site owner has enabled RSS) and wham, you’re good to go. Just log in to your bloglines account to see who’s updated.