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ASIS&T 2006 Submission Accepted! May 29, 2006

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Yay! I may just get to see Austin afterall… in November! Got back from a BADLY needed week in nature to find out the research proposal Dr. Abbas and I submitted to ASIS&T was accepted! Since it’s all still in the works I won’t say much yet but we’ll be looking primarily at folksonomies. This was a badly needed boost and I am SO looking forward to seeing what comes of our research ideas. The reviewers’ comments all included the phrase “hot topic”. Yup, that’s kind of what we’ve been saying. Now, to represent our ideas graphically in the form of a poster… that is the next challenge. 🙂


Library 2.0 lens at Squidoo May 11, 2006

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Steve Wilson has created a Squidoo lens on Library 2.0 in Three Easy Steps, here. The whole concept at Squidoo is folks create a lens on something they know alot about. A little like a pathfinder perhaps? … but with bloggish new web interface that in the Library 2.0 case includes an IM exercise. Cool, and so two point oh, dude. Lots of excellent resources here. I am already subscribed to most of the blogs mentioned, but I have been giving the Green Kangaroo a chance, too. Mary Ghikas, Senior Associate Executive Director at the American Library Association, has started blogging and promises 2.0 as part of the mix. Looking forward.

A colleague and I were emailing today about 2.0 and I wrote that it was a buzzword, that we’ve always been doing this. Communicate, search, research, share, interact. But the more I think about it… step 1, “listen to the customer”, IS something we can all work on. Great lens… check it out.

LibraryThing – catalog your own books! May 8, 2006

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LibraryThing‘s beta of last year has come along nicely. Yes yes! I cannot WAIT to try this out. Have a bunch of things to finish first and then it’s wooha… rolling up sleeves and cataloging my books. Or since I’ll likely be accomplishing this during the summer, pouring lemonade and playing tunes on Pandora, and cataloging my books. I’ve subscribed to their blog and will follow brainstorms accordingly.